Animals I have killed, 2005–2016
Tom Mitchell

I tought this would be a statistic of how many animals you ate through life… a bad joke. I have always felt some amount of guilt whenever some of our pets died. And I consider spiders pets also as they catch other annoying bugs. But the funniest guilt would be the one I had to do to graduate high school. I was lucky to win lottery in form of experiment. My final exam was named Reflexes of decapitated frog. Heavy part is that whenever I see or hear one I remember the one I’ve guillotined. But funny thing was that frog made its revenge by freeing itself from bracket with pincers to which I pined it’s jaw. It was using the thing I experimented on — the reflexes, and so one beheaded frog with jumps all over the classroom made me look brainless as I chased it in a cartoon like scene.

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