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Why the Future of India in a Critically Danger Situation!

Do you know how many Younger generation people are in India, and what are they doing? Because this is the main problem which is neglected in India day by day. But what if we fail to look after this issue? I’ll tell you.

Before going deep we must know the statistics, which are crucial to understanding the current situation.

The youth population in India :

According to the report of Central Statistics Office, MoSPI of 2017 the population of the youth is constantly increased during 1971 (30.06%) and 2011 (34.08%) but it doesn’t seem much higher but think what was the population of India in the 70s and what is the population now? It is a gigantic number, more than the some of countries’ overall population. But the problem is according to the analyses this number will be declined as a share of the youth population till 2031 (31.08%), which is not decent for India.

Why the youth is important for the county?

The future of the country depends on how we utilize the manpower but the current situation has shown us that we haven’t organized our youths, which has led to making a crucial condition in our future.

India is a country of the youth which is moving towards the worst because we didn’t take the time to operate our manpower appropriately.

Problems of the youth in India :

We already know the basic problems of the country like unemployment, migration, quality education but there are some problems which are not that much in the stream and therefore we tend to ignore them.

1. The youth of India are wasting their most valuable time on social media and social media diverse them towards unnecessary issues.

2. On the other hand, the youth of the country are wasting their time demonstrating religious domination one over another and this dominates social and religious problems of the country.

3. Games and other fascinating which are making them engaged, therefore, they don’t understand the importance of young age which is neglected and create a problem for themselves in the future and consequently for the country.

4. Depression is one of the main problems that has been overlooked but now people are serious about that and taking some measures for it.

5. Unemployment is one of the important causes of Depression. According to the report Unemployment in India in April 2020 was a record of 23.52% and in October 2020 it is 6.98%.

6. Lockdown was a crucial period for all over the country but it is one of the periods which has impacted our life wherein many people lost their jobs and because of unemployment many young people went into depression and many young people did suicide.

7. According to a survey of Mavericks India ‘Rebooting 2020: a story of Covid 19, and Shifting Perceptions’ 61% of Indians experiencing mental health-related issues during the lockdown.

We know there are more problems in Youths life than I talked about here but problems are ‘inevitable’ in humans’ life but the fact is that how can we face that problem.

Measures which can help to secure the future with systematical utilization of the Youth power:

1. Youth needs to understand their importance for themselves and the country, for it, the Government needs to start some campaigns which will create awareness in Youth.

2. Many educated youths do not find the work which can help them to improve their potential and give them the energy to make themselves develop which create a waste of their education, therefore, Government needs to create as many jobs with the help of private sector as they can.

3. The government needs to give their attention more to rural areas because we need to start with quality education which is still a major issue in rural areas.

4. The government needs to implement Skill Development Programs more efficiently because it can help youngsters to boost their confidence by improving their basic potentials.

5. The government needs to attract young people towards startups by helping them with subsidies, loans, and other important entities.

6. The government needs to regulate social media platforms more efficiently as nowadays social media create more problems than any other fora.

Note: All views are personal if anyone wants to suggest or add something then it will be helpful for me.

Your feedback matters a lot.

Thank you.

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