Greetings, all.

I am tired if living in the shadows. And thus, I make my debut.

What has finally made me be vocal is the new wonder product that allows you to sit and cycle. I was skeptical, like you. I started to see the light when the commercial show cased an elderly woman knitting while sitting and cycling.

What blew my mind was… Adjustable seat. I’ve had zero exercise equipment. What use does the Myaka Skunk Ape even have for sedentary exercise? I used to fight gators.. But that’s aneorobic.

I imagine all other exercise equipment does not have adjustable seats. And, like you, we Skunk Apes hate our money.

So, its on the way to Myaka. If nothing else, I’m lead to believe exercise equipment is really for hanging clothing.

I must now make like the Kelpie.

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