The Condom Games

Rio broke the record for the greatest number of condoms being ordered for the Olympic village. 450,000 condoms were ordered for the 11,000 athletes with 45 condoms per athlete. Let’s not forget the 175,000 satchels of lubricant.Condoms were first handed out at the 1988 Seoul Olympics with supplies increasing each time.

The Olympics is infamous for being a hotbed of sexual activity. Think of the most beautiful, fittest people in the world roaming a small campus for a month with plenty of down time?

Perhaps the many years of stressful preparation and pushy parents in the lead-up means the Olympics is a place for athletes enjoy their few moments off the hook?

Aussie Athlete Benn Harradine took a cheeky snap of a whole bowl of condoms with Aussie leaflets.

Does it matter if the condoms are used before or after competing? Most likely not despite the myths. A study in the United States concluded that sexual intercourse does not decrease maximal exercise performance. Exhaustion is not too problematic because sex usually only burns 25–50 calories, that is equivalent to walking up a couple of flights of stairs.

Tinder was on fire at the Olympic Games so its reassuring that there were plenty of condoms to keep our athletes safe and sound. Check out the @tinderrio account to check who swiped right.

Can the Olympics beat its own record in 2020? Let the contraceptive games begin.