Are we moving too fast?
Who's To Blame If One Gets Killed In An (Uber/Tesla/Waymo) Self-Driving Car?
Seyi Fabode

Are we moving in the right direction?

Self driving cars as mobility utility or advertising tools

Great article about the ethical problems that robots will introduce, especially through self driving cars (SDC)!

The trend I noticed lately in the self driving car space, is that the focus is to build an advertising tool, more than a safe, reliable and mobility utility.

Most startups are just looking for a quick and impactful demo, and care less about solving actual problems in SDC space.

It seems more work goes into adding entertainment into the future SDCs, then understanding and tackling the hard problems, like reliable perception and understanding of the environment, secure communications with all components that contribute to the safety of the SDCs, passengers and everything else that the SDC will encounter.

I understand we all want our personal limo with always available driver, and that’s what ride sharing is targeting, but we should not forget that autonomous mobility, is not only required in concentrated cities, but also in rural world, and with cheap fast internet and renewable energy more people will move there.

So we need to find affordable solutions for everyone.

Lets see how, together, we find ways to bring all these questions to the forefront and work on valuable answers that will help us move faster in the right direction.

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