Grand Theft Auto V and Self Driving Cars

GTA V integration with OpenAI Universe

As I mentioned in my previous article about gaming and self driving car (SDC) development, driving simulator games are great for gathering datasets, training and testing SDC algorithms.

This GTA V integration brings a lot of features that will help us a lot in the Open Source Self Driving Car Initiative, beside the other games integrations we are working on:

The environment also enables collecting massive amounts of labelled data: you can use the underlying GTA V engine to collect 2D or 3D bounding boxes and segmentation labels for cars, pedestrians, bicycles, animals, road surface, traffic signs, or any one of GTA V’s other 7000+ objects. The environment can also be extended via mods for real-world vehicles, road construction, and even entire cities.

See here more details about this integration of work in OpenAI Universe deep learning platform.

Join us in the OSSDC Initiative at:
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