Live Visual Speed Recognition at 5000FPS - OSSDC PS3/PS4 Simulator running GT5 on PS3

Finally working :-)

Processing in OpenCV without displaying the video in OpenCV, reaches around 5000 FPS!

This is just for the speed recognizer.

The algorithm can be optimized (also by converting it to C with CUDA) probably to reach over 10000FPS.

I previewed the video in VLC and drove the car, in real time, manually from the same computer using the script I posted a while ago (in the image Navigation window is the controller).

When I also display in OpenCV I get 45 FPS, I assume (a very small) part of it is because I run the recognizer code in docker. In a real life SDC test scenario (in a full size SDC for example) we don’t need to display in OpenCV we will do it asynchronously with RVIZ and probably Autoware, and use ROS as core infrastructure.

The speed recognizer code is all in Python and ran inside OSSDC docker container.
I’ll post tonight more details and the updated version of the script, that works live.

If you got already the parts for the OSSDC PS3/PS4 Simulator, you may be able to drive (semi) autonomously, in very realistic scenarios in The Crew and GT5, when we will deliver our first MVP - Vision Based Adaptive Cruise Control (VBACC), due end of month.

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