Meet The 5 Teams That Are Launching To The Moon This Year

Less than 2 hours ago the five finalist teams were announced: SpaceIL, Moon Express, Synergy Moon, Team Indus, Hakuto

The race is on: the five finalist teams in the Google Lunar XPRIZE have been set, and they all have rocket launch contracts to go to the Moon in 2017.
$30 million in prizes is on the line, including the $20 million grand prize for whoever gets there first (and completes the competition goals), and these teams are employing a variety of technology to land first and claim the fame.
They hail from Japan, India, the United States, and Israel, with launches set to happen from places as far-flung as California, USA; Sriharikota, India; and Mahia, New Zealand. Here’s a look at all five teams, and their technology that’s set to make big space history.

Read more about these very exciting news here.

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