This article is not about proposing solutions, it is about making you think, because history is written by individuals who get involved.
There is a much bigger issue than AI taking over, and nobody is talking about it.
Théo Szymkowiak

Perfectly put!

We need to make everyone aware of what is possible and enable everyone to use (and enhance) AI in their daily life.

At the same time prepare for when AI and robotics will replace/augment us in most of the work we do.

Sitting at your desk, every weekday for 8 hours, and not seeing this coming in next 5–10 years, may not be the best approach.

The young generation will be the most affected, there is still time to act, and everyone can/should do it.

Pick an area you like and see what is happening there from AI perspective, try to understand and learn how to keep humans in the loop and still valuable.

Self driving cars will be the first AI enabled mobile robots that will move us and around us.

Join us in our efforts to ensure that we build them in an open way and for the best of humanity.