After the Rain

Stuck I was. Yet again, I know. But I’ve moved on.

Sometimes in life, even if you feel like you’re already on a roll, the winds of change will come blowing your way and leave you knee-deep in some quagmire you can’t seem to get out of.

Just this month, I was stuck in the quicksand of failures after failures. Frustration, depression, and any other negative -ion word you could think of. Anxious. Afraid. Stuck.

Have you ever encountered a point in your life where because of the seemingly continuous downfall you experience, you end up feeling like a big fat loser lost of all hope? Your mind, heart, and soul end up losing peace. Everything else is clouded — like a storm cloud entering your grounds of happiness and color, pouring in rain. Sometimes it feels like it would never end.

It’s not wrong or bad to be sad at some point. In fact, we should appreciate it because it’s one of the magnificent traits of being human. However, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to linger on the sadness turning it into some kind of depression.

Continue hoping for the sunshine to come. The rain brings nourishment to the soil. Keeping it moist and invigorated. The rain could last for days, weeks, months. But sunshine will surely come for as long as the world continuous to rotate.

Same goes with life.

Challenges will come to us inevitably no matter how successful or driven you feel at a certain moment. It nourishes us. Clouds us, perhaps. But it never lasts long.

October was horrific. Storms of trials hit me. At a certain point, I felt stuck by facing a phase of no motivations or inspirations. Mind was blank. Heart wasn’t as pumped. Bored. Lazy. Confused.

But I kept on going. I looked forward to embracing the warmth of another beginning. There is and will always be something to look forward to. So I did. And this is where I tried to pull drops of creativity from.

And true enough, the sun shines best after a heavy rainfall. Opportunities and ideas. Inspirational minds and experiences. Wonders once again came my way as such everything else.

So if you feel stuck regardless of whichever aspect in life, keep hoping, preparing for the sunshine. Because it will come. Maybe not now, but it will.

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