Free, self-guided activities for the classroom or home

Owlet is a collection of self-guided learning activities designed for middle school students to explore technology skills through creativity. We originally developed this platform to meet the specific needs of a small group of new technology teachers working in Denver Public Schools (DPS) via OpenWorld Learning (OWL), a local non-profit.

We set out to create a platform that addressed these teachers’ particular challenges in terms of curriculum content creation, delivery, accessibility, and keeping middle school students engaged (no small feat).

From the beginning, Owlet has been heavily shaped by feedback from teachers, and most importantly, the students. We are also inspired by powerful ideas from computer scientists/educators such as Alan Kay, Simon Papert/constructivism, Kathy Sierra, Linda Liukas, Ted Nelson, Elon Musk, etc… the list goes on.

Owlet is free and available to anyone, especially teachers looking for new ideas and students (of any age) looking to learn.

This project is independently produced and maintained by a team of Code for Denver volunteers, who have been developing it since March 2016. It’s open source and available on GitHub.

Owlet beta site

Contact: elle@mmmanyfold.com