Introduction to Docker and Kubernetes

This is my first story in But I am not going to write lines of story to give you details about Docker and Kubernetes.

With the evolving technology change and advancements in cloud computing and server virtualization, Container is the buzz word. Applications like your web app, db, etc can be packaged as container and deployed in Linux server to take advantage of OS level virtualization and efficient host hardware resource management.

This would be different from server virtualization approach, where multiple VM s will be hosted on single physical machine. Hardware resources for VM will be allocated from physical server outright. The caveat is that VM will underutilize the resources.

Container approach is more flexible with efficient resource utilization, application uptime, portability across clouds and systems, with benefits of VM too.

Last but not least, container approach is more preferred for modern day Micro service based architecture. Where a complex enterprise app can be made of chunks of microservice.

Here is the link to for a quick presentation on container based approach with Docker and Kubernetes.

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