The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us.

recognize that song title? chances are you do — it’s got like 800 million plays on youtube or something crazy, which is fair, it’s a great song — you should probably just stop what you are doing now and listen to it, it will be better for everyone if you do.

if you happen to be a very close friend of mine, and i hope you are, you may have attended the wedding of one of our nearest and dearest friends, miss annie. this song will forever remind me of her wedding reception, all of my favorite people in one room — dancing and jumping around celebrating their love. i hope someday you have an annie, those quiet and loving souls that can radiate joy on the bleakest of days, and her love for her husband is evident from the moment i saw them interact.

my friend group is pretty incredible.

annie dancing the night away june 15, 2013 — probably to macklemore, ceiling can’t hold us — photo by the most precious angel photog rebekah molloy.

i digress. this post really is about how rad i think ben haggerty (macklemore) is, and the advocate of addiction and recovery that he has become, while publicly dealing with his own personal addiction.

“hi, I’m ben and i am an alcoholic.”

long before he was macklemore, ben haggerty was a seattle teen with a drug and alcohol addiction that first landed him in king county juvenile drug court at age 15. he spoke recently about his experiences at a celebration marking the 20th anniversary of king county drug court, a program that provides eligible defendants the opportunity to receive drug treatment rather than incarceration. the song writer and performer — is macklemore, at the age of 30, is a proud grammy winner with a platinum album and multiple hit singles, but five years ago he was still facing a dark battle with drugs. you can watch more about this below — a special for mtvU’s “half of us” campaign, the seattle rapper gets candid about an addiction that almost ruined his music career. otherwise known as “ben”, his presence through the screen reminds me of someone i have known my whole life. i am humbled whenever there is a well-known figure or celebrity speaking out against addiction, and macklemore happens to be a very personal favorite of mine. that is because, when i listen to his music/rapping — everything he says, resonates with me on such a deeper level. in 2008, following an intervention from his father, he entered rehab and has been sober (save for a slip-up documented in recent song “starting over”) ever since.

here are a few other facts — you may not know:

most artists have to be signed with a record label for years before reaching even a modicum of success. preferably a major record label like sony, warner bros, def Jam,aftermath, and the like. not here, he wanted to be able to say what he wanted, how he wanted, and against all odds, he came out on top. macklemore’s record label is officially Macklemore LLC.

macklemore and ryan lewis are a duo. They’re a package deal. All of the songs Macklemore is known for, everything since 2006, has been produced by his right-hand man, ryan. the musical act known as macklemore is actually officially listed as ‘macklemore and ryan lewis’. But they didn’t meet as producer and artist. ryan wasn’t even a producer when they met, he was a photographer hired to shoot a story, eventually they collaborated and became two of the biggest names in hip hop, and they haven’t stopped working together since.

real life macklemore is a happily married man. he proposed to his girlfriend of seven years, tricia, in January of 2013, then the two were wed in June 2015. He waited to marry until after “the Supreme Court ruled same sex couples could, too” — as if you needed another reason to like him. they also met on myspace. #meta

ben has been an outspoken advocate of LGBT rights since day one. one of his biggest hits deals with the topic, and is itself a commentary on how homophobic and negative the rap community can be on the matter. the song “same love” hit a chord with couples facing adversity, continually.

“me too” — everything he talks about and says and feels is true. i hope this gives you a new found love for his music and his character, because it isn’t easy living with addiction, and i am certain there are a few outliers — that were made to bring recovery and healthy options to light. those chosen few that can handle being a source of stability for others.

Macklemore: ‘I don’t have moderation when using drugs and alcohol. It was hurting my life’

we are here for alcoholics/addicts. we are here for for alcoholics who drink to ease anxiety. we are here for alcoholics with who start drinking on impulse and can’t stop. we are here for alcoholics who are minors and don’t have alcoholism taken seriously because of age. we are here for alcoholics who are students and have their alcoholism brushed aside, because of college life. we are here for alcoholics who are victims of trauma and abuse. we are here for alcoholics who drink because of any mental illness. we are here for alcoholics with alcoholic parents and siblings. we are here for alcoholics in codependent relationships because drinking surrounded by crowds of people, can feel very lonely and shameful. you are not alone.

we are here. people who have never had an addiction don’t understand how hard it can be.

but actually, remember this — no one is immune from addiction; it afflicts people of all ages, races, classes, and professions.

suicide is stupid? you wanna know what is stupid? hurting someone so much emotionally, that they think suicide is the only answer.

— Macklemore

you can start over too, i did, he did — there are thousands of others who have. get at me if you need direction to some help!

and listen to these tunes — and know that they are cultivating a heart of hope for someone listening, and they just may be saving a life.