Living someone else’s life

Follow the rules.

All the rules.

Make your own rules. Follow them.

Work hard.

Get good grades.

Take up shit you’re not interested in and be good at it.

Aim to please.

Make pleasing other people your life’s sole purpose. Maybe they will love you if you do.

or at least accept you.

Be a doormat.

Be a pushover.

Be a good example.

Don’t fuck up.

Don’t have any fun. You might fuck up.

Plan every. single. thing.

Have sleepless nights.

Take responsibility for other people’s fuck ups.

Pay for said fuck ups.

Allow yourself to be compared.

Beat yourself up for not being perfect.

Get depressed.

Get physically sick from the depression.

Attend a thousand seminars on shit you don.t care about. Maybe they’ll make you perfect.

Watch everybody’s life move on.

Get stuck.

Find a way to move on. I mean…new people to please

Compare yourself to where you thought you’d be by now.

Achieve nothing.

Continuously wonder on a day and night basis whether your life is good enough.

Finally realize there were no rules in the first place.

Continue to follow said rules anyway.

Get anxiety attacks in the middle of the night.

Wake up crying for nights on end.

Give up.

Give up on giving up.

Demand perfection.

Continue to be imperfect.

Never say no. Even of you want to.

Take no for an answer.

Other people’s opinions are more important. Even if they are stupid.

Other people are more important.

Get mad at the world.


Originally published at on September 21, 2015.

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