The Full-Time Job Is Dead
Kevin Maney

The full time job is dead. Gone. The future is for the doers. The makers. Those who contribute.

If you want to be a middle manager at a corporate behemoth you’re going to end up pushing papers, or as a friend of mine once said, being a corporate reseller; going to meetings and never actually doing anything.

I see this all the time with big companies. No one wants to make a decision or move forward. It’s way easier to have another meeting and try and push off any decisions.

Those who do make decisions leave. They go on to move forward, start a company, launch a project.

I have experience with the big and the small. I’ve been in giant companies that took years to make decisions (pharma). I’ve worked for small startups. And I’ve worked for myself. The best benefit of working for yourself is that you get to make decisions all the time. You get to move the ball. Sometimes you decide right. Other times, you don’t. But. You continue to move. Yes it’s risky. And yes, it’s not for everyone. But it is, in my opinion, the best, fastest way to innovation and discovery.

If you are a doer, maker, inventor or creator please take a look at an idea I’m rolling out: It’s what LinkedIn should be.

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