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1,657,137 (approximately)

On the 20th of March 2019, the record breaking e-petition — Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU was opened. It went viral and gained millions of signers.

There have been questions whether the majority of votes had been generated by automated bots, others claimed that they had signed the petition multiple times.

With such a pivotal time in the history of the UK we are at an empass, there is a blank unknown wall in front of us, no one individual really knows what is going to happen after April 12th. Will there be another extension?

Only time…

Through conversations with friends, family and personal experience there is a gap between being a graduate and actually finding paid word which connects with your passion. There are multiple paths to success and everyone will craft their own adventure. This can be extremely intimidating to know how and when to take the first steps especially in combination with battling issues such as low self esteem and confidence.

If you can see yourself in these words, this is for you.

The underlying system can be applied for any skillset suitable for online freelance work. In addition it can be used at…

Hey all,

Its Matt, just checking in thought I’d share some of my personal findings from over the last couple of months, its been a real roller-coaster ride!

I was fortunate enough to discover some really interesting value-packed insights first hand which I would love share with the community.

In my most recent position, the mobile development lead, for, a blockchain startup with the core focus of recording obligations between two parties.

Doesn’t sound that interesting? Think of it this way…

A trustful approach to the base of accountancy on the blockchain.

Actually that doesn’t sound that exciting either!

matthew smithies

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