When I knew little about detoxing, before I trained as a naturopath, I experienced some pretty horrible detox reactions.

On my first attempt, I didn’t even last the first day!

By lunchtime, I had flu-like aches and pains with a throbbing headache and sore throat to boot.

I felt so awful I stayed in bed for 2 days!

Needless to say, I ditched my detox attempts and told myself I was too delicate and it was too risky for me detox…

Another time I did a detox retreat in Thailand.

For 12 days I lived on coconut water, pineapple juice…

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While the thought of living in this toxic soup of potentially harmful chemicals can be frightening, there’s so much you can do to reduce your exposure and help your body neutralise and remove these toxicants from your body.

What continues to amaze me is how our bodies always want to achieve balance (homeostasis), and when things go awry, can get back in to balance fairly quickly when given the right conditions.

It actually takes a lot for your body to get out of balance because there are feedback loops that help to maintain just the right amount of a substance…


There are many surprising telltale signs you need to detox. I first discovered them, and the incredible health benefits of detoxing, while healing from adrenal fatigue.

Even though my adrenal healing protocol was improving my energy, I knew there were some missing pieces to my fatigue puzzle.

My energy still felt ‘flat’, and I had niggling symptoms like brain fog, PMS and stubborn belly fat I’d been trying to solve for so long.

Then I started reading about detoxification and the signs you need to detox.

When I found that my symptoms were linked to what’s called a ‘toxic load’ or ‘toxic burden’ in the body, those missing pieces started to fall in to place.

(This is why I’ve devoted a series of articles on why…


There’s an ever-growing list of known environmental toxins in our food, water, air, household products, personal care products, bedding, clothing, furniture, building materials, furnishings, kid’s toys, offices, cars, parks and of course — our bodies.

They’re found in the breast milk of mothers, the umbilical cord blood of newborns, and children.

We breathe them in, ingest them and absorb them through our skin.

In the first article in this series, you discovered that of the 130 million chemicals in the environment, very few of the manmade ones have been tested for their safety or long term impact on human health.

Here are some more sobering facts on environmental toxins:

Globally in 2012, 4.9 million deaths were a result of environmental chemicals.

Disease caused by endocrine disrupting chemicals in Europe costs $290 billion a year!


The naturopath said a number of things to me, that at that time, I wasn’t quite ready to hear.

In fact, much of what she said took YEARS to sink in (yes, I’m super slow in learning some lessons. Aren’t we all?!).

Not only did she say I had clear signs of adrenal fatigue.

I also needed to detox my body, as many of my symptoms pointed to toxicity, including hormonal imbalances, weight gain, dark circles under my eyes, brain fog, and being chronically stressed.

Back in those days, I thought the suggestion to detox was merely an opinion rather…

Next, think of someone you know who goes on a health kick for a while.

They lose weight, have more energy and rave about how fantastic they feel, only to end up back where they were before (usually with more weight).

They may have repeated this pattern many times.

Now, think of someone who has improved their health and kept it that way ever since.

You may be wondering: What are the successful people doing that’s different from the rest?

The answer is what I’ll be unpacking in this article.

(PS: I’ll avoid talking about tracking and goal setting, as…


If you’re stuck in exhaustion and have tried to improve your diet with little results, you’re not alone.

Often at play when it comes to fatigue are a number of factors.

Through my own experience with fatigue, and after speaking and working with countless women over the years, I’ve identified 5 main reasons why women stay stuck in exhaustion.

1. Stress

Stress can impact the function of your adrenal glands, leading to fatigue, plus brain fog, weight gain, sugar and coffee cravings and poor sleep.

Resting or taking a holiday helps very little, as the adrenals need to be toned and strengthened.

One of the most ridiculously shameful experiences in my life was when I stood in my boss’s office, and for the first time, said ‘no’ to taking on another project — then burst into a flood of tears. I had nothing more to give.

As the highest performing account manager in the business, I felt incredibly ashamed I didn’t have the physical, mental or emotional capacity to do ‘more’.

As the highest performing account manager in the business, I felt incredibly ashamed I didn’t have the physical, mental or emotional capacity to do ‘more’.

The exhaustion I felt was so…

Being tired all the time makes life feel so much harder than it needs to be.

Back when I couldn’t survive without drinking coffee or eating something sugary every few hours to keep me upright, I wished I knew what to do to get my energy back.

Every activity felt 10x harder to do.

Getting out of bed and waking up feeling like this:

Thinking about what to wear.

Summoning the energy to go to work and make it through the day all required more physical, mental and emotional effort than it should have.

I felt stuck in an energy-draining cycle that often left me in a pit of despair.

If you can relate, I’m…

Trying to run your business with your head in a fog can be devastating to your productivity and success.

When you can’t think clearly or recall information as quickly, the confidence in your abilities can take a tumble.

You feel less sharp and on the ball, which can crush the credibility and dynamism you once oozed — leading you to do less in your business and impact your bottom line.

When The Mighty blog asked their community to describe their experience of brain fog, this person summed it up nicely:

Melissa Smith

I help exhausted women reclaim their energy and health so they can squeeze the most out of life. Naturopath | Nutritionist | Health Coach

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