If You Are Your Own Boss… BE Your Own Boss

Are you a star employee in your own business… or not quite hitting the mark?

It can be so easy to be a bit too lax with yourself when you’re running your own business…

Sure, we all want the freedom to choose how we work and not have a boss that dictates what we do and when.

That’s one of the many fabulous reasons to be an entrepreneur!

Yet if you’re in the habit of letting important things like missed deadlines slide, your business clearly will suffer.

It will take you so much longer to achieve your goals — with stress and overwhelm along for the ride.

One of the most important systems I have in place is a Boss Lady Check-in, where I track everything I do in my business to ensure I achieve my goals efficiently and effectively.

(After all , I want to get the most done in the least amount of time and not feel like a slave to my business!)

Each Friday I take 30 minutes to assess my performance over the past week to make sure I’m moving towards or achieving my goals.

I do this as if I were reviewing an employee — completely objective based on what my role is and the projects or tasks I’ve committed myself to.

I assess whether i’m on track and what resources I need to help me get there.

Here’s an outline of what I assess in my Boss Lady Check-in:

How did I perform last week — did I achieve my goals?

What didn’t I achieve — and why?

What do I need to change to achieve my goals.

Where do I need support?

Am I clear and on target with my monthly and 3-monthly goals?

Are all goals I’m working on still relevant?

Do I have any new goals?

Am I doing enough marketing and actions to achieve my goals?

– Are there any processes or tasks I can streamline, outsource or ditch?

Next, I outline 3 goals to achieve the next week. I review next week’s calendar and reschedule everything so I have a clear plan that’s achievable.

By being this objective I can easily cut out all the things we feel we need to do that simply distract us from our goals.

This means I’m super focused and clear as to what I want to achieve and how — as well as where I need to get support.

When was the last time you had a Boss Lady Check-in? (It’s totally OK if you haven’t had one before — now’s the time to change that!)

And — how can you establish this as a habit in your business?

Originally published at www.melissasmith.pro on October 10, 2016.

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