The word empowerment can have different meanings. If your boss assigns a task that is something that only trusted employees are asked to do, you’ve been empowered. If you learn a new skill, or attain a new academic or technical degree, you’ve been empowered. But there is a more basic form of empowerment that can happen everyday. It starts when you wake up and every decision you make, every thought that you have and everything that you do plays a role. Ask yourself what drives you? What are your goals for even just today? How will today affect where you want to be down the road? If you consider how all of what you do will affect the course your life will take, you can empower yourself by making a conscious choice to act only in the best interest of your ultimate goals. I mentioned in an earlier post how what you wear can impact the way you feel about yourself and the way others react. If you are able to create a positive self-impression before you leave you house, you increase the chances of maintaining that positive feeling throughout the day. How you interact with your coworkers, bosses, and all the people you run into during the day are more likely to leave you feeling good. This is only one day but if you can repeat it tomorrow and the next day, you are likely closer to your goals than if you had struggled to get by. Empower yourself by starting every day with the plan to make it a great one. Ultimately your confidence will determine much of what happens in both your personal and professional life. You have a choice in almost everything that makes up the level of confidence you feel. Empower yourself by choosing to see your best self everyday and make decisions to reinforce your choice.

Phromsavanh is a passionate serial entrepreneur creating business solutions in the industry she knows best — fashion. She is an innovative brand builder with multifaceted expertise in retail, marketing, strategy, business development, and consumer behavior. Phromsavanh is an acclaimed Keynote speaker and enjoys speaking on topics that include — entrepreneurship, minority women in business, leadership, women’s empowerment, E-commerce, shopping habits and personalization, fashion, retail, and motivational ideas for carving a non-conventional path. Contact Monica to have her speak at your company event or conference soon.