(Why) The Test of Us is Now
umair haque

Thank you for the story of your grandfather and his circle of new nation builders, their debates, disagreements, and their friendships. Of the many essays I’ve read this one comes closes to finding an antidote for our failing democracy. Maybe the test for us is more agency, more autonomy and a more actualized self to restore democracy and decency. Maybe it takes an authentic self to see the savagery in the model of other selves made non humans, more autonomy to think for oneself understands that others may do the same and perhaps it takes a supra human, transcendent strength of will to eradicate fear and to speak peacefully with neighbors, like your grandfather, creating a new reality. This “man in the mirror” approach is an imperative now. As important as knowing how we got here is knowing what kind of person it will take to stop it. An honest commitment to a continuosly developing agency resists labels. The span and depth of the actualized self is too encompassing, too eager for understanding and to full of the generosity requisite for pulling ideals from the rarefied mind and manifesting them in the physical for the benefit of all. This is a scary thing for some people. After all these years who would they be without their labels? Yes, that is a good place to start, huh?