How to be a good web developer?


“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”

-Lindon Leader

I am a full stack developer. Currently, I feel that though I know many technologies like javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, HTML, CSS, basics of Bootstrap, C#- MVC/ASPX, SQL Stored procedures, hybrid mobile app development using phonegap/cordova, etc. I find myself inclined towards Web Development. I love to create beautiful things and Web development gives me that pleasure.

When I was starting to understand the concepts of web development and what it takes to be a good web developer, I came across a very nice article that guided me to the correct path.

I would like to share that article with you people as my first post….

In order to be a good web developer learning frameworks is not important. If you know the basics like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can crack almost any framework.

Javascript is the most important and is one of the most popular programming languages, because of its many listed advantages.

To be a good web developer one must understand the javascript very well.

Being good in CSS will help you crack any design that you want to portray and cater variety of devices.

Apart from these one must adopt the best practices like single page architecture, angularjs, etc.

At the end I would like to conclude that being a web developer is far more creative than logical. It requires one to imagine and then put it on HTML!

All the best!