“A Dream Realized”

“A dream Realized” — A quote I’ve heard before but sounded different today, today the words seem to have ignited a power within me that began from the top of my head down to the soles of my feet. I could feel every part of me tingle as I listened to the story of Dr. Lillie Mae Carroll Jackson a civil rights leader and the president of the Baltimore City branch of the NAACP for over 30 years.

I listened to her story of following her passion for the causes that were closest to her heart and how she gave her life to what would later become her legacy. And there I was standing in “A Dream Realized” her dream of one day having her home be a museum where the generations to come would be able to learn about their history. As we’ve learned about our history, we’ve become the dream manifested. We are the educators, artists, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, doctors and preachers.

Myself with a few girls of my manifested dream — an all girls program in Baltimore City “leading Girls”

We are because of those who walked before us, marched before us, stood behind bars, and taught before us, because of those who community organized rallied, and ultimately prayed for us- We are their dreams realized.

looking at some of the youth that paved the way for me and others (Morgan State Students)