Blog Project #2&3

Project #2

I ain’t dead (nah)
I ain’t done (nah)
I ain’t scared (of what!)
I ain’t run (from who!)
But still I stand (yeah)
No matterr what people here I am… (yeah)
No matter what remember
I ain’t break (never)
I ain’t fold (never)
They hate me more (so!)
Yeah I know… (ha ha)
Here I go (yeah)
No matter what shawty here I go (ha ha)
No matter what shawty

Format: Song

Audience: General Public

Purpose: The purpose of this song is primarily entertainment, however I believe there is a message in this song and that is to never give up.

Effectiveness: I think this song is effective in its purpose for both entertainment and especially motivation. The words are powerfull and to the point, he says “No matter what” several times to let you know that things will happen but its your approach that makes the difference. Also the words “still I stand” remind us that we can get through situations and come out on top.

Project #3

Format: Quote

Audience: People who are Struggling

Purpose: To encourage people who may be going through a ruff time in their lives.

Effectiveness: I think this quote is effective because sometimes in life we go through things that make us cry and want to give up. This quote reminds us that true strength is in moving forward. Life will always have its struggles and sometimes you may feel like crying, but if you push forward you will see how much stronger you are in the end.

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