UI/UX Case Study: Kindergarten IndigoKid

Hi! I recently completed a project for IndigoKid. It was my first project for a real customer. I decided to share how I made it, what were the difficulties and stages of the development.

Project Brief

It was a kindergarten web site, the bulk of which is Russian / Ukrainian language. This is mostly for families interested in preserving Russian or Ukrainian languages in the family.


The customer didn’t have a proper web site. They only had a web site on Shopify, a simple online store with trial lessons from the club. The page was missing information about the organization and what it offers. Direct access to the club’s media content was virtually absent. The customer did not have a clear idea of ​​what exactly he wants, what would the structure be. All wishes were blurred.


The new web site should become the main marketing tool of the organization in promoting its ideas to the customers. It should provide the most detailed information about the organization, its branches (clubs, kindergartens, schools). The web site should have a part that provides centralized management of branches of the organization.

What follows is a case study detailing my process and output.

My design process

I had to explore the Internet and find out what are the options for kindergarten web sites out there. Then I came up with scenarios, stories, and personas.

User Persona

I created the persona mostly from my research results, the customer also told me who he thought was his customer.

Here’s the result:


I decided to make the web site understandable, simple and functional, as well as nice looking. Navigation should be easy.

It looked like this:

Website itself

I started making a real website. At first, it looked like this:

Then I realized that this design was sending the wrong emotions, it can’t sell. So I rejected this idea and decided to change everything,

Here’s the final result:

The mobile version:

UI Kit

This part is just to make it easier for developers to implement the design.


I’m incredibly pleased being able to join the creation of this product, to offer my ideas that will affect the user’s decisions, hopefully, it will also raise the profits of my customer!