Airtel Money and my 100bucks

Everyone would be tricking or trying someway to get Full Talktime on mobile networks every time they do recharge here on India, unfortunately it’s not much easy for everyone to pile up 300+ bucks for a single recharge and at the time of ending up with nil balance.

If there is some way you could get full talk time every time you do a recharge? how would that be? yes, you can get full Talktime of 100rs everytime you do a recharge on Airtel with your Airtel money and its very simple to do with the latest Android app of Airtel money it can even have ur card ready to be done, so all time, your 100bucks recharge is Full talk time now.

So, now to get Full talk time on your next recharge, just open your Airtel Money, add 100 bucks, recharge your number done.This can also be done for your friends, and it also works for 100, 200, 300 denominations.

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