Different types of Packaging tape & their Benefits

Types of packaging tape and their benefits

When packaging is the core job to be performed, there are a number of supplies which are needed to tighten the hold of the package boxes like tapes , tape guns, strapping tools and many others. Out of this the tapes offer the immaculate finishing touch to the package boxes. Innumerable types of tapes are available in the market for storage, packaging, construction industry, painting industry and each have unique characteristics. Some commonly used types of packaging tapes are elaborated below. This will give a chance to learn more about the exciting specialty tape varieties used in packaging industry in depth.

1. Transparent cellotape- Most of us are aware of this traditional tape varieties which help fasten and hold the small size packages in an excellent manner. The bond lasts for a long time with this clear packing tape and hence this glossy finish tape is intensively procured and demanded in large quantities by almost all packaging businesses for envelope, mailing bags as also for paper bags. These are basically label protecting tapes.

2. Low noise Brown parcel tapes- The low noise brown parcel tapes measuring mostly in the range of 50mm*48mm with glue imported from greece are made of polypropylene. The adhesive in these scotch tapes are very effective in cold temperatures. Hence, these tapes are used in chilled food packaging units. These tapes help the increase the tensile strength of packaging to withstand any kind of external pressures, vibrations during transit.

3. Recycled tapes- These tapes are a greener option and also come in both transparent and invisible varieties. The adhesives are entirely plant based can be used on regular slotted containers with a weight not more than 100 lbs.

4. Filament tapes- These are polyester filament tapes which are very often used as strapping tapes.The fibreglass strands on the two sides of the tape do not stretch during use. The filament hand parcel tape dispenser guns can be used for easy application.

5. Pouch tapes- The pouch tapes are non toxic adhesive tapes usually meant for the medical sterilised pouches packing. This come with a double sided adhesive and helps in a good presentation and quick packaging job completion.

6. Surface protection tapes- During the product shipping, the product can be subjected to marks and scratches especially in case of large furnitures or appliances. Hence, the surface protection tapes or films are applied on these products. This temporary protection imparting tapes are easily removable.

7. Vinyl crossweave tapes- The strongest among all the packing tapes help in keeping the product safe inside the package box for months together with the help of stronger hot melt adhesives. The chance of leakage or wastage is close to zero with this packaging.

8. Printed tapes- The prints on the tapes can help display the important packaging message loud and clear. There can be customised printing of the the brand name on the tape. The display of Fragile prints on the tapes is a good way of recalling the customs or the courier people to be careful while loading and unloading such boxes.

The required packaging tape rolls needs to be loaded on parcel tape dispensers, some of which are disposable. These tape dispenser guns enable an ease in applying these tapes on the carton boxes used for packaging purpose. These dispensers differ in terms of size, weight, length and include varieties like manual, heavy duty and many others.

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