Technology Then and Now

The life we have now is more complex than how it was back in the old days. One couldn’t deny that technology was used in order to build the things essential to us human beings in order to adapt to the change happening in our environment every second of our lives. However with its great impact comes pros and cons, affecting every individual in one way or another, not only the people living in the urbanized areas but even those in the provinces.

When I was 4 years old, I used to play with my two sisters outside our house. We always had the time to bond with each other, I remember the times when we constructed our own “bahay-bahayan” and I played the role of a daughter while my sisters acted as my parents. I felt so much joy laughing at the littlest of things as we shared how our days went or even the corniest of all jokes. However it saddens me for as we grew a little older, things began to change. My eldest sister is now working and my other sister is busy with her academics and other preoccupations.

We seldom have time to play or even talk, maybe because of time constraint and different priorities. When we talk to each other, it is not the same as before.​

Technology has gone advanced really fast. Tracing back the history, people who lived in the ancient times found their way to cope with the environment through various mediums mostly with the help of technology. People live in convenience and is focused on acquiring things instantaneously. With that, people nowadays forget how it is to value small things becoming self-centered, impatient, and even dependent. However it all boils down to self-control, knowing that technology has its own pros and cons, by controlling ourselves, we will be able to make the best out of it.