Gary Coby

Thanks for sharing. They did you more harm than just this. They also used their insidious “shadow ban” on Trump supporters throughout the election, and in particular, on days of the debates. As a meme maker (@mspanish) I was shadow banned 4 times, once for nearly 3 days. My material was anti Hillary, but not offensive and free of things like profanity and hate speech that are so pervasive on Twitter right now, coming mostly from anti-Trump “protestors”. The day of the 2nd debate, they muted my account beginning in the morning, and released the ban 24 hours later. Shadow banning is a highly offensive form of censorship because it is intended to dupe the user into thinking that their tweets are going through fine. You actually have to sign out of Twitter and search for your own handle in order to be sure you are shadow banned. When you are, your tweets do not show up in any searches, under hashtag trends, and only arrive to a fraction of your user’s timelines. So Jack Dorsey and company have a lot more explaining to do, about how this process was used and abused in order to try and dampen support for Donald Trump. And in a crushing blow to global elitists like Dorsey and Bain, he won anyway: leaving Twitter’s reputation the biggest loser of all.