Two Modest Proposals

One thing that’s become clear to many Americans is the increasing presence of mass shootings in our national discussion. It’s a difficult issue dealing with many of the basic values we cherish as Americans and one that will continue to remain a central debate as long as the United States continues to be the only nation on earth where mass shootings are essentially seen as free speech.

All anti-gun legislation doesn’t work and faces a wall of resistance. Even when small children die many Americans react with apathy and resignation. It has become apparent that we are facing this crisis with the wrong intentions.

Therefore, I believe that as a country we should double down on our right to firearms. If you can’t beat ’em, join them.

The United States should change the 2nd amendment from a right to an obligation. It should be mandatory for every man and woman in the United States to carry a firearm at all times. What better way to protect our civil liberties while also preventing mass shootings?

I propose that on every citizen’s 18th birthday they should be mailed a voucher from the US government entitling them to one weapon, ideally a concealed firearm, along with one round of bullets. This would ensure that every adult had the capacity to defend themselves in case of an attack.

We are a nation of liberty and equality. What better way to show our unity than by arming the entire populous?

Currently gun ownership is skewed, focusing on a relatively small proportion of the country. With a second amendment mandate we could make sure those who most need protecting have the capacity to injure someone who threatens them.

It is also of the highest importance that, once these guns are bought and distributed, that they remain unregistered. If the government knows who owns which gun, they are just one small step away from taking away all of our rights. Better to keep guns anonymous and free. This also goes for background checks. Everyone’s basic right to own a gun shouldn’t be infringed by some backwards view that people with mental health issues should be restricted from the proud gun ownership community. If a mass shooting were to occur at a mental health ward, it is vital that all hands, both doctors and patients, be able to react to the threat.

I also propose that all guns be loaded at all times. Just one bullet in the cartridge will fit the requirement. It doesn’t matter if everyone has a gun as long as they aren’t ready to fire. “Armed and ready” should be a daily motto. Grabbing your gun and making sure it’s loaded should be a morning habit, done at some point between grabbing a coffee and finding your keys.

Police should be able to randomly check citizens to assess readiness. If someone is not “armed and ready”, I suggest implementing a fine or jail time. It’s a small price to pay for keeping our country safe.

This is a simple, effective way to keep America safe. I urge you to write to your congressmen telling them that gun ownership should be a basic right for every American. It’s the only way to make America Great Again.

My second proposal is a bit more radical. It would go against the very fabric of American individualism. It’s a simple proposal, but one that many fear. What if we regulated guns and decided to trust law enforcement to respond when attacks occur?

This plan of action would require gun ownership to come at a cost. Citizens would be limited to purchasing guns of specific models and calibers, and only after earning a license from a local training course. Owners would also be required to be assessed by a psychologist and have a criminal background check.

The police and other law enforcement agencies would be burdened with responding to all mass shootings and would be our only line of defense. It wouldn’t be expected that citizens be armed at all times, but would instead rely on police response effectiveness. This seems to be the standard response in every other developed nation on earth, but who knows if it will work in the USA. Trusting a government agency with the safety of you and your family? It’s for all of us to decide.

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