To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind
Jamie Varon

Probably the best read of the year so far! Jamie Varon nails it! A MUST READ if you have ever felt like you’re almost always not “on schedule” these days. I’m willing to bet It’s more the norm than the exception for many of us. However, maybe it’s time to lighten up and give ourselves permission to take a moment and step back, regroup, and reassess our priorities on the never ending “To-do” list?!

Ultimately, when our lives get hectic and we’re overwhelmed by the constant stream of our to-do list running in the foreground of our current situation like a stock market ticker, our ability to complete those tasks with a high(ish) degree of satisfaction is greatly diminished. When I’m unable to cross things off my to-do list I can easily feel my sense of accomplishment for that day tank right along with the time I have left to complete that never-ending list!

WHAT IF…that list were completed? What then?! What’s next? OR…maybe, just maaayybe…everything will be okay if I don’t finish the list and in fact, something more important will come up/happen like…I can start to live AND enjoy MY life! No matter how crazy, winding, and bumpy the ride, It’s all going to work out…one way or another and as long as we keep moving forward, we’ll get to where we’re supposed to be! My mom always says “If it’s meant to be it will be” and, hey, she IS a mom so she must be right, right?!

Do your best as often as possible but keep in mind that even controlled experiments, in controlled environments, don’t always yield the expected outcome so cut yourself some slack and keep this (brilliant) paragraph from Jamie Varon’s piece handy and re-read it as often as needed:

“Sometimes life has happened. Life! Remember life? Yeah, it teaches you things and sometimes makes you go the long way around for your biggest lessons. You don’t get to control everything.”

Oh, that’s right! I DON’T get to control everything! WHEW! I’m pretty sure this is a built-in safety feature for us mere mortals. Thank you, Jamie, for this key reminder.

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