Not because I am missing my great family and lovely friends in Đà Nẵng,

also not because I am missing the sun and the beach of my beautiful summer on the coast,

not even because I am love sick (as I have read numerous of blog posts about this in Sài Gòn).

It is, indeed, because of its terrible traffic at 6:00pm today, when I decided to leave work a bit earlier than usual because it’s Monday. Erm, it finally turned out as the worst idea ever!

Got stucked in the middle of the jam reminded me of my first day at college five years ago, when I was cycling to school while my other two friends were in the taxi going to the airport to pursue their dreams in the UK and in Australia. We were supposed to be in a cool group of three, but eventually, I was the only one staying and experiencing my epic five years in one of the largest cities in the world (by population!).

Where do we go?

Today, instead of having only two friends, I had hundreds of friends on the street who I could share the same thought: this traffic totally drives us crazy.

Now, let’s imagine a scenario which Sài Gòn had no traffic:

- I could go to work and leave on time without the fear of getting stucked somewhere unpredictably.

- There would not be anyone who can my bike and shout: “Nope” like today, meaning he wants the road to be his and I have no right to drive on my way (?).

- My nose would stop annoying me every time I get back home. My nose is so emotional that I definitely know when it is upset because it can never stop crying all night.

- And most importantly, I would not have been so regretful about making the decision to move back to town after my unforgetable 6-month break.

This issue is not new to those living in Sài Gòn who we call Saigonese, but thinking about me driving through that traffic again tomorrow just makes me sick.

Why don’t people choose to live in somewhere else with better traffic and better air instead of squeezing here in this city with more than 9 million people, while they totally can?

Well, there must be 99 reasons to leave, but there are always 99 reasons + 1 to stay. Because Sài Gòn is Sài Gòn. We complain, but above all, we LOVE.

Sài Gòn, ngày cuôi’ tháng 10.

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