Wow. This guy knows what every white person’s reaction to this segment was.
J Mellor

I am a Black guy. 1) Thanks for being an ally. 2) Never take it personally, and I mean NEVER, when Black people express frustration with the literal physical danger we face because we are a hated and reviled ethnic group who has absolutely never, and I mean NEVER, been fully or completely allowed to become fully and completely integrated and absorbed into every facet of society in this nation. Other immigrant ethnic groups have become “White” over time in America, after an initial period of hatred and revulsion. There was an article on the Washington Post website about how Asians were deliberately made into a “model minority” not even two or three generations after laws were passed to literally ban some of them from moving to America, and just mere years after we regarded some of them as enemies of war. (

That same concerted effort to completely change the minds of a nation about a hated and reviled ethnic group has arguably NOT extended to the descendants of the transatlantic slave trade, Bill Cosby and Michael Jordan notwithstanding (and by extension, newer immigrants from the African diaspora, although the perception is that some of the newer immigrants are slightly less hated and reviled.)

Consider yourself cautiously excluded from many rants and complaints you will read, hear and see against “White people”, and I do know it is wrong to stereotype and generalize, but the bonds of trust between “Black America” and “White people” are arguably and understandably still a bit weak, and the election of a man, as “leader of the free world” and Commander-in-Chief with so many ties to people, and direct endorsements from people, whose thinking result literally in our people being killed, and have constantly, from the time the first slave was kidnapped, has sadly, tragically, and disappointingly tested those bonds.

Sometimes it’s hard to really know who your allies are, or how solid or dependable their alliance is.

We have had to soldier on as an ethnic group with so few allies for so long. The level of hate heaped upon us, by people who should know better, continues to baffle my mind.

I don’t hate “White people,” but I do hate bigots and any people who do not, cannot or will not think, that we as people of color are 100% worthy to live among/alongside them in a mutual attitude of peace, harmony, respect, care and concern.

Americans of all races, ethnicities, genders, religious beliefs, political convictions, etc., need to stop seeing themselves as the “enemy” (as Americans were trained to largely stop doing with Asian Americans) but rather as “family”. When that happens, at long last, there will far less of a need for #BlackLivesMatter or for Trevor Noah to debate someone from the “alt-right.”

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