Ayurveda For Sinusitis

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinus membrane which separates internally the nasal orifice from other parts. It can get infected by internal or external reasons. The internal reasons are taking of cold items regularly especially at cold climate or cold place and lack of body immunity to withstand any infection or allergy. A person with Kapha prakruthi or Kapha-Pitha prakruthi or Pitha prakruthi is more vulnerable to Sinusitis.

External reasons include dust particles and other polluting agents in the atmosphere, Cold shower for a longer duration than normal, lack of oil application on head before bath or a head massage with cold potency oil like Neelibringadi regularly, etc. also can cause Sinusitis.

It can also happen due to slight deviation of the septal part of the nose. Following advises are very helpful to keep sinus dry and functional :

  1. Male with sinus history should always cut his hair very short so that there is no possibility of sweating of the scalp.
  2. While traveling at night time, cover one’s head, ears and throat with a warm cloth.
  3. Always drink boiled and warm water. Add a pinch of ‘Jeera’ in the water while it is boiled.
  4. Have bath only in warm water either in the late morning (after 07.30 am) or in the afternoon.
  5. Do not take curds, ice creams, or deep fried items. All these increases Kapha in the body and can cause sinusitis.
  6. Always apply oil before bath which is prepared with pepper, Jeera, small onion and a piece of dry ginger or buy ‘Marichadi thailam’ from the market.
  7. Use of preparation from ‘Uzhundu dal’ should be reduced and whenever it is taken, take with pepper.
  8. Do not keep awake at night and do not sleep during the day.

The following simple preparations which can be easily made at home can be used to eliminate the problems due to sinusitis.

  1. Make ‘kanji’ (liquid gruel) of splitted wheat and add little ghee to it. Take in the morning as breakfast.
  2. One hour before lunch, take one cup of curd, add half teaspoon of pepper powder and one table spoon full of powdered jaggary, mix well and take it.
  3. Get fresh juice of gooseberry (season of gooseberry is September to February) and do Nasyam for 14 days. Instill three drops of gooseberry juice in each nostrils in the morning before sun gets very hot.
  4. Take Vyoshadi vatakam (available in Ayurvedic shops) — 1 teaspoon mixed with honey at bed time and also after breakfast.