MSRICAIM and NCBS has been awarded a research grant by SERB, Govt. Of India

MSRICAIM in collaboration with the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, has been awarded a research grant by the prestigious Ayurveda Biology scheme of the Science and Engineering Board (SERB), Govt. Of India. The project titled ‘ Exploring correlations between human gut-micro flora and Dosha Prakriti based on principles of Ayurveda’ will explore the scientific underpinnings of Ayurveda. We will examine the relationship between the micro-flora, i.e., bacteria in the human gut with Prakriti.

The constitutional type of an individual or prakriti is the basic clinical denominator in Ayurveda, which defines physical, physiological, and psychological traits of an individual. Understanding the individual’s prakriti is essential for diagnosis, clinical management and most importantly, prevention of disorders with modifiable risk factors such as diet and lifestyle. The physiology of Gastro intestinal Tract (Koshta) including digestion and metabolism (Agni) is one of the major determinant of an individual’s Prakriti. As gut microflora are known to influence metabolism, immunity and several other functions, there may be a relationship between an individual’s Prakriti and the type of gut micro flora. Understanding this relationship would grant greater insight into the function of the gut in health and disease.
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