Reasons Why I Am Not Paying Much Attention to the Trump/Comey Trial

First, I would like to start off by stating that I absolutely hate Trump and everything he stands for. Trump is a liar, a bigot, a sexual abuser, an adulterer, a spoiled rich guy who is used to getting his way, an idiot that is unqualified to be the President of the United States, a man who is an instigator of race hatred in America, then, does nothing to quell the rise of racist attacks since he became the President-elect. And I could on, but, I don’t have all night.

I listened to talk news radio the other day, WNEWS 99.1,l. Whenever that radio station has an attorney as a guest on the show to analyze Trump’s actions and potential consequences, a lot of Trump’s bad behavior is always played down or flat out ignored.

Honestly, nothing 45 does surprises me anymore because I knew a lot of detestable things about him before he became president and, yet, he is still the ruler of our “free” land.

Watching Trump’s presidency is my generation’s front row seat to the show of our country, starring America showing its racist colors. And many of us don’t like what we see. However, I don’t think our “free” country is still “for the People”. Our voices are not being heard. Our pleas to fire Trump from his position as our president will often fall on deaf ears.

I don’t remember there being so many protests when Barack Obama became president. A Black man becomes president and our nation was mostly happy about who was leading us during Obama’s 8-year term. Many didn’t want Obama to go and still hold on to pictures of him frames in their homes.

I’m not sure I can say as much for Trump.

Barack Obama, who in my mind is still my president, had to be PERFECT. His wife, Michelle Obama, who I still envision to be my First Lady, had to be absolute PERFECTION.

Now, I feel like we get these idiots in the White House who can’t be classy, at least when the cameras are on them, to save their lives.

Melania is constantly smacking away hands and her nude photos are a complete disgrace, especially when we consider how Michelle Obama was treated the entire 8 years as First Lady. Yet, Melania’s slutty past is completely glossed over and she still can’t behave like she has class after many years of being a billionaire’s wife and a child later.

“Like they say, you can’t buy class!”

Trump says whatever comes to mind via real life or tweets. He acts like a 12 year old boy with no impulse control.

  • And the entire Trump is administration looks likes a Banana Republic ad with that one token Black guy, so they can say, “Hey, we’re not racist! We hired one Black guy!” The Trump Administration looks nothing like the people of America who they represent. Their collective bank accounts have so many zeroes that they could pay college tuition and purchase homes for everyone in America and still stay in, at least, millionaire status.

Seriously, need I say more?

Watching the Comey/Trump trial would have been just another reminder that this country makes up rules as they go when a racist White man, especially an old one, is in charge.

I absolutely cannot imagine Pres…I mean, Obama getting away with anything compared to what Trump has been allowed to do so far.

I don’t support Trump and I do believe the people’s voice should matter, for once.

But, Amerikkka will not listen to “the People” because they are going exactly in the direction in which they want to go.

Get out of the way for the “New World Order”. Yes, I said it. The destruction of America is all a part of the “grand plan”.

My family and I have passports because I believe the non-White people will have to soon seek refuge in another country.

Listening to the idea of Trump’s impeachment is hilarious to me. You all, Trump became 45 by saying exactly what he wanted to say.

Based on an interview on 99.1, Trump’s voters aka followers of his racist@@ cult, are absolutely unfazed by Trump’s unbelievably high levels of crazy.

People who are highly conscious are watching the entire Trump show with disbelief and, frankly, I think most of us just want to run for the hills. Many of us would have left by now if we could just figure out a way to get the money to get out of the country and finance our lifestyle somewhere else.

If 45 hasn’t been impeached by now, he isn’t going anywhere. He has set off missiles and called our country’s news, “fake news”. He has fired the FBI director who has been around for quite some time and was never a problem before.

And look at who Trump’s main Democratic opponent was: Hillary “I Don’t Have a Soul” Clinton.

As an African American woman, I never trusted or believed in America’s politics. My first time voting was for Pr-…Obama. I voted for him twice. Yet, I didn’t have much faith that he, as a politician playing a bureaucratic game, would get much accomplished for all citizens’ lives to become better; specifically, Black Americans.

I remember my anger and disappointment when the government shut last year.

I believe that was my wake up call that “We, the People” no longer had much say over what our government choose to say or do.

How is the government getting paid billions of dollars, but, they can’t agree on a budget plan to keep America’s government opened.

I have not been impressed with America’s politics since I have been able to vote when Bush was the president.

I pray our Black people can unite and figure out what we must do next for the sake of race. I don’t feel confident that the Black race will be overwhelming helped by our government in any way, shape or form.

And before you all say, “Black people just love handouts.”

Let me remind you of all the land that was practically given away to White people and their families.

Let’s not forget all that FREE labor from slavery.

So, no, I do expect-as a taxpayer that the United States government should be giving Black people their “40 acres and a mule”.

This country talks about repairing the racial divide between Black and White people. But, Black people cannot start to authentically heal until a genuine effort from the predominantly White government in the form of reparations is given to the Black community.

While 45 is acting like a spoiled child I am too busy raising three children and running 3 business.

The “one percenters” don’t care about me as a U.S. citizen and I don’t care about them. The people who want Trump out of the White House did not vote for him to begin with. Our government has stopped “for the people” a long time ago.

Furthermore, I can’t stand the idiots and racists who tell me “ I didn’t vote, I can’t complain”Oh, yes, I can. Until I am no longer paying taxes in any capacity, I’ll be the Queen of Complain Town.

Are you all following the trial of Comey and Trump? Do you think James Comey has set Trump up for impeachment?

Samantha El is an activist, business owner, Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Freelance Writer, CEO of LocStar Revolution, NoVA 24/7 Notary Services and Web Designers and Scribes. In her free time, you can find Samantha reading biographies, watching documentaries on Netflix or spending quality time with her family. Samantha lives in Fairfax, VA with her fiancé and 3 sons.

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