Alicia Keys slides in Fan DM’s to reveal her new album tracklist

It goes down in the DM’s.

Alicia Keys surprises fans on twitter by sending them a direct message revealing her full album tracklist, now this is digital marketing.

As the album tracklist, featured previously released tracks like “Holy War” and “Blended Family” featuring A$AP Rocky. Along with 14 other songs to add this anticipated project, produced by husband Swizz Beatz. Just based off Keys most recent show in Times Square, she has some powerful messages in this upcoming album.

In her most recent interview with, Keys speaks about including activism in her music.

“I used to separate them because people told me to separate them, people would tell me I shouldn’t do that or yes, you can do that as long as everything is successful, then everyone will listen,” she says. “I recognise now that these things are not separate and the greatest of all time, the Bob Marleys, the Bob Dylans and Nina Simones, never separated their music and their message. They lived their message and the music was their message, it was who they are.”

Here are the reactions of the fans, Keys slid her album tracklist to.

It’s lit. Lookout for Alicia Keys ‘HERE’ on 11/4.

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