People on a Plane: You’ll Meet These People on Every Flight to or from Nigeria!
'Funmi Oyatogun

First of all I need to commend your intelligent jokes… like this article was effortlessly funny. I remember going to the airport one time with my dad and noticed as we were on the queue to check in, this man came and was just attended to. I asked my dad why, he told me cause he paid for business class and I kept quiet… ASK Nigerians ASK but no.. they must embarrass themselves😂😂 I don’t even know which I found more more funny, from the “Give me chicken, beef and vegetarian” to “when she sees the micropod that is her seat” to “accent of confused origin” to “Round the world tour to Ottawa and Okayama”.. I died😂 The actual accuracy in Mekky D tho, like it has to be there what their friends call them.. lol. This was a really nice read Funmi. I enjoyed very bit of it.

PS: Your description of the middle aged professional😍😍😍

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