shilpi gupta
Jun 17, 2019 · 2 min read

Vidmate Download :

We can easily download videos as well as music with the help of internet onto your device systems for free. There are various things such as we can also download whatsapp status videos ,movies ,etc with just one click. Here with the help of powerful manager we can pause or resume the videos.We can download several files at a time.Using the HD video downloader we can preview the videos and also play it in offline.


⦁ HD video downloader-Helps in downloading HD quality videos which increases the efficiency of videos.

⦁ Play video offline-It can play videos in offline inorder to replay the videos.It saves time from redetecting the videos again.

⦁ It supports all formats such as mp3,mp4,mov,doc,pdf,etc.-The files to be downloaded can be of any format according to the customers need .So,it provides the facility to download in any format.

⦁ Useful in video pause and resume-Helps in video pause and resume.When the net connection is poor then the video may gets pause but ultimately it get resumes.

⦁ Download large video-Helps in downloading larger videos such as movies or certain type of programs.

⦁ Auto-detects the video-It auto detects the video as per the given commands by the user.It matches the command with the available files and produces the output.

⦁ Fast speed downloader-It takes minimum time to download the files.Thus it saves much time as compared to others.


->Browse the website with the built-in browser

->Auto detects the videos

->Click on download option

->Choose which video you want to download


App Name : Vidmate

Download :Download vidmate

App :9apps

Old version :vidmate Old

Thanks a million for reading the article.

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