Aziz Ansari’s Tone-Deaf Return to the Spotlight
Emily J. Smith

I will probably get skewered for this but… As a 40-something #metoo woman I am in no way condoning Aziz’ behavior. But why is no one considering his date’s behavior? Doesn’t common sense tell us that going to virtually a stranger’s apartment (famous or not) on the first date, is sending out signals?

Frankly, I think she should be responsible for her actions, as well as he needs to be responsible for his. In my own date rape experience, I was with friends, people I thought I could trust, and in a public place, not alone in an apartment with a stranger.

To call her a victim when she had the opportunity to decline going to his place just doesn’t seem fair to those who had no choice. And honestly, NO ONE but she and Aziz know the absolute truth anyway.

UPDATE: When I wrote the above response, I had not read the infamous article detailing what happened that night. Now that I have read it, and a few other articles revolving around the incident, I firmly stand behind what I previously wrote, with even more conviction.

I’d like to point out a couple of things; notice that Aziz contacted her first after their encounter, and in no way spoke like the pervy creep he sounded like the night before. I mean it just seems like two different people. I think this in some way proves she wasn’t getting her message across at all.

So then I suppose we would have to ask, is he really just that clueless? I have a hard time believing that someone who put his real parents in his own show would be that out of touch. Or was she really that bad at saying no? One thing seems clear, they were on the same page about having sex, it’s just that the road to getting there was obviously rocky, dimly lit and full of pot holes.