The Brand You: What’s your angle?

In the wild wild west of the internet, you can make the rules up as you go along. However, one thing is constant, a good writing foundation is crucial. We need to communicate with people online in a way that is clear, succinct and makes them care. As you know, the tech world is #morethancode (insert eye wink and shameless plug)

In class, I’ve written some pretty unique blog posts. Now its time to pitch the story to a blog or magazine. What’s the point of creating all of this great content and no one sees it, right? Just like on our LinkedIn page we need to sell ourselves. We are our biggest asset and promoter.

Selling the world on your writing skills will help with pitching but it’s no easy task. The research I did, on blog submissions was insightful. Its tough if you want to get into reputable blogs. Some are paid and others are not. The rules for submission can be intensive. One way around it is, inviting editors to read article on your blog. Hopefully, they’ll be interested and share your story. Then you become internet famous! Not really but its nice to know someone read your article and your work wasn’t in vain.

2020shift mentor, Gary Nix, stopped by our class to discuss branding 101. He turned the tables on us by asking us deep questions and that’s when things got interesting. His advice on career and work place interaction was invaluable and surprisingly raw. Where most thought leaders rush out of conferences and panels, he stayed. In a concerned parent kind of way, he listened to us complain about management, colleagues and clients. Of course, we addressed the obvious elephant in the room being a minority. Unfortunately, no matter what level we’re at in our career we had the same issue of validation.

Nix stated we should be confident in what you know and stand your ground. We’ve all encountered people who doubt us. However, your knowledge will prevail. Most importantly, know when to walk away. It may only be our second class but I feel I can pass on what I’ve learned as well as put it in action.

Nix was a great way to end the class. I’m looking forward to his next visit. In the meantime, Gary is a friend/colleague in my head. Somehow social media makes you feel like you know people. Anyway, I’m wondering how 2020shift is going to top this mentor. They better bring it!