Nothing screams oppression like being a female physician.
Samantha Ryan

Here is a link to an article that explains the wage gap.

My experience was that I was being paid 15 dollars less an hour. I was told this was from lack of experience as I had just finished residency. I thought, ok I need to earn this and I will. About 1 and a half years later I met a new co worker who finished residency recently. He decided to wait a year to take his boards. This is the test you take to confirm you are a competent physician. He was being paid those 15 dollars more an hour, had no experience and he was not even a board certified doctor. I went to my superiors and demanded this be fixed. They did because they are required by law but you can see from this example that they can manipulate that. It was not until I caught the lie did it change. I am fine with being paid less if my male counterpart in experience is also paid less. I just want the 11 years of work I dedicated to training to become a physician to be equal to 11 years a male gave. I don’t really understand your comment. It sounds like you are suggesting that because I am a successful woman I have no right to ask for the same pay for the same quality of work. It sounds like you are saying I should be happy that society has given me the right to achieve my goal and just accept a wage gap as if it was just so generous of them in the first place to give me the opportunity. I am not ok with the wage gap and I will fight it. Some women do not know about the wage gap. They do not know they have the right to fight it, maybe they don’t have the resources to fight it or maybe they are too worried about repercussions and so they accept the less pay. Sadly in some cases, which may be true of you from my interpretation of your responses, they might be ok with it. I can see no other reason for someone being ok with it other than that person having more regard for males than they do themselves. But I will still march, call, write and do what I can to fight this. And you will win too but I am glad. I am glad that all women will win. I could write about a lot of what was mentioned in the article but I chose what I thought was easier to explain based on my experience. If you don’t agree with everything in this article that is fine, but please don’t dismiss it so completely because you are either one of the few who have not experienced anything in this article or because you are satisfied enough with your life to ask for true equality.

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