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I scrap! I scavenge! I scrap again!

I recently picked up the Mad Max video game during a Steam daily sale for E3. I have some thoughts on it.

To wit: it’s a fairly competent game. Considering the scope of the world, and the possibilities of chaos that can occur at any point, it manages to run at a steady frame rate, with barely any slowdown on fairly high settings on a five year old machine (with a four year-old mid-range video card). The combat, while basically a riff on the Arkham-series method of punch/parry/counter attack, is a bit more forgiving and gives some extra function to the parry button by including a block feature. …

As I sat in the theatre watching The Revenant, I found my thoughts drifting around through a number of topics. At first it was about the representation of people from the first nations, and how often they seem to be portrayed as either angry savages, yelling their way across the screen, or as mystic sages, remarking on the nature of spirits and generally teaching the white man how to save them. While I braced myself in preparation of the movie’s opening scene, it was quickly apparent that we were seeing real people, not something out of some Adam Sandler movie.

Then came the now infamous bear scene, in which Leonoardo DiCaprio’s character is viciously mauled by a grizzly bear in a way that can only be described as harrowing. And while I would spend a good portion of the movie joking with my movie-viewing companion, this scene immediately triggered a memory from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III, which I’ll get to later. …

“Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate, and hate leads to violence. This is the equation.”

- Abū l-Walīd Muḥammad bin ʾAḥmad bin Rušd

With the release of Star Wars: the Force Awakens, there was bound to be a plethora of articles discussing the franchise in order to better capitalize on the hype machine.

While I had managed to avoid most of them (because, let’s be honest: they rarely ever matter), there was one that popped in my feed that I couldn’t help but read. In “The Radicalisation of Luke Skywalker: A Jedi’s Path to Jihad”, anonymous author ComfortablySmug echoes the multiple articles which argue that the Empire are the good guys, and that the Rebel Alliance are the baddies. …

Je continue de retourner encore et encore à cette scène de Macbeth, tel qu’imaginé par Angela Konrad, et faisant usage de la traduction en vieux Québecois de Michel Garneau.

Avec son esthétique désemparée, son choix linguistique et une présentation intégrant du théatre dans son théatre (un peu plus là dessus plus tard), j’aurais dû être pris par le charme de l’ensemble de la pièce. Mais je me retrouve à retourner la scène en me disant que malgré la puissance du jeu, et le charme du langage, la pièce s’est écroulé sous le poids de sa propre ambition.

Pour commencer: le théatre dans le théatre. À plusieurs moments, certains comédiens brisent le quatrième mur. Quand on considère la nature des sorcières, qui transcendent l’espace temps, étant eux-mêmes (oui, eux) l’incarnation des Moirai, c’est acceptable. Voir, même, obligatoire. Mais quand c’est Macbeth lui-même, qui feigne la perte de son texte, ou sa mort, on se retrouve sortis de la pièce assez longtemps pour que l’absurdité du spectacle se fasse que bien trop présente. …



Dad, artist, copyleft activist, anarchist, Lead Lunatic @ Studios LU/NE, Bitter Optimist, King of Okay, Imam des Valeurs Québecoises,

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