Multiple sclerosis new treatment

Ms treatment with stem cells

New Ms treatment with stem cell therapy procedure discovers many changes in treating this autoimmune disease. Stem cell treatment for Ms not only treating the symptoms, but fighting the core of the problem as well, it offers a unique way for people dealing with this disease to return their body to the healthier state it once was. In the case of multiple sclerosis, stem cells help with remyelination — a process during which myelin damaged by the disease gets renewed.

MS therapy center adopts new treatment with stem cells

Multiple sclerosis treatment procedure can be done in couple of hours, using 4 single steps. 
1. Harvesting — method similar to liposuction. Fat can be extracted through simple liposuction process
2. Separation — Stem cells are separated from fat in a centrifuge, where centrifugal force separates dormant stem cells from harvested fat.
3. Activation — Stem cells with patient’s PRP are photo activated. Isolated stem cells, after enrichment with patient’s blood plasma are photo activated in AdiLight machine and prepared for transfer in the body.
4. Activated stem cells are added to saline drip bag and returned to patient’s body via standard IV drip while patient is peacefully resting.

News in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Swiss Medica clinic constantly follows news in Ms treatment about stem cell therapy procedure. 
Ms treatment center trying to implement new technologies and to adopt new procedures that can make treatment much better.