Multiple Sclerosis risk factors

Scientists are still working on finding out what is the exact cause for multiple sclerosis, but research so far suggests that it might be a combination of reasons, including genetics and environmental factors. Even though specific cause for it is unknown, there are multiple sclerosis statistics that show which groups of people have higher chances of developing this condition.
There are many other factors than can cause MS.
Many clinical researches identified particular genes in human organism that make some people more suitable to getting multiple sclerosis. On the other side environmental factors are very much represented in causing MS disease. Lot of researches are made in trying to identify a potential virus that could trigger multiple sclerosis. Probably there is no exact virus, but its assumed that a common virus such as measles or the Epstein-Barr virus may in some cases acting for triggering MS illness. Another statistic suggests that even though smoking doesn’t cause multiple sclerosis, it can speed up progression an make risks in Relapsing-remitting MS.

Multiple Sclerosis hereditary risk factors

Even multiple sclerosis can target any person at any time, but statistic shows there is lot of hereditary risks that can cause disease.

Multiple sclerosis genetic risk

Generic risk factors in MS are varied, and most cases depends of many situations. Genetics can also play an important role and it is established that those who have relatives with this condition have increased risk.
Researchers find that siblings of affected person have 5%-7% risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis. Many researchers and MS specialists believe that there is a more than one gene that makes a person potentially more likely to come down with MS.
That this disease belongs to the group of autoimmune diseases many scientists believe that MS develops because person is born with with a genetic predisposition to react to some environmental agent, which can trigger autoimmune response. For example, a child whose parents both suffer from multiple sclerosis, has 10 times more chances of developing it later in life, compared to an individual with healthy parents.

Who is at risk of Multiple Sclerosis?

If we look on age metrics, age group of the first diagnosis tends to be between 20 to 40 years. Therefore every person form these age stage are potentially in danger in triggering MS disease. Family tree can also help in predicting the disease. Those with parents or even siblings with multiple sclerosis are more likely to develop the disease as well.
Age and sex also play important roles. Women are twice more likely to have this disease, than men. It usually attacks between ages 15 to 60, but the first signs tend to happen mainly in the late twenties or early thirties.

Geographical placement of a person and heritage can also play an important part. Statistics show that countries further form equator have more cases of multiple sclerosis than those of hotter climate, closer to equator. Those who come from Africa and Asia have a significantly lower risk of being diagnoses with multiple sclerosis.

The exact number of sufferers around the world is unknown and hard to establish, but it is estimated that about 2.5 million of people are diagnosed so far. There is many risks in Multiple sclerosis if disease is not treated regularly. Treatment and medications are very expensive, it is estimated that approximately $8.500–54.000 is needed annually for one patient’s treatment.

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