Trump v Hillary — the possibilities if elected — or not!
Bob Mayer

Frightening outlook indeed. At least you point out how bad it will be with either candidate as the winner or loser. At least you haven’t consumed the Koolaid and you don’t believe Hillary and her scheming is the answer or that there’s no need to make America great because according to Hillary, it’s already great! You’re right about one thing that I never considered before reading this.

The die hard Trump supporters have the real means to grind much progress to a halt should he lose. They are tired of the being lied to and tired of the one percent of the elite lining their pockets. I have college age kids and a high school daughter who will vote for the first time this presidential election and I hear throngs of them taking about how they don’t want a future filled with lobbyist pulling the puppet master strings. I’ve never seen so many young people this passionately involved in an election. I sure wasn’t this involved or informed when I was in high school and I’m a lawyer who studied political science in college.

These kids I’m around were originally split between Sanders and Trump. Now the majority of them have joined the Trump Train. His message is resonating with them and Hillary Clinton’s is not. They’re tired of the “same ole same ole”, as one of my child’s most intelligent friends remarked in her opening statement given to a group of Future Female Leaders of America. She’s only 18.

They want change and they don’t what four-eight more years of Obama. I don’t what any more years of Obama. So what’s a person to do? I need the Affordable Health Care Act repealed and replaced because I’m becoming health care poor. I certainly can’t afford eight more years of it. I want my 2nd amendment right to remain untouched. I want conservative justices appointed to the court. The only issues I sway left on are gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose but that’s a whole separate post.

I want a president who won’t lie to congress, the media and the American people about matters of national security. I want a president who will put the safety and security of American citizens first. So, am I naive? Or just hopeful that this can happen? I know it won’t happen with Hillary Clinton.

I have decades of a proven track record on which I can base my opinion. I know to a degree of absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton will lie and deceive when she is caught doing wrong. I know that Hillary Clinton, with her great legal mind, knew there was a conflict of interest and she should have shut down the Clinton Foundation when she accepted the appointment as Secretary of State. I know that Hillary and Bill Clinton become wealthy from the donations they received and that money came from questionable sources and they offered incentives for the donations that were (if not illegal) at the very least, immoral, unethical and dishonest. I know that she did not maintain her distance from the Clinton Foundation as she agreed to do when she accepted her appointment.

I know she lied about that. I know that Hillary Clinton claims to be a champion of women’s rights, but she had no problem helping destroy the credibility, character and lives of every single woman who had the courage to come forward and accuse her own husband of sexual misconduct. That’s not a champion of women’s rights. That’s a woman on a mission who’s a champion of herself. You’ll notice she’s now removed those exact words from her website. I know Hillary Clinton lied about the events that occurred in Benghazi. Do I know what happened? No. But, she either lied to the families of the men who selflessly and courageously died there or she lied to the American people or she lied to congress or all three.

Do I know for a fact that she deleted classified emails from the server she kept in her basement? No. I was not personally there when the emails were destroyed or when the order to destroy them was given. But — giving her every single benefit of the doubt — she still acted in a completely careless and reckless manner which jeopardized the safety of the fine young men and women who gallantly fight for our freedom. The actions of the Secretary of State of the U.S placed the United States at severe risk of extreme and real harm. She knew or should have know that using an unsecured server would lead to dire and disastrous consequences. She left us wide open for attack and for any half assed hacker to gain entry.

Any reasonable person has to be asking the question: what was she hiding? What was she conveying/relaying/communicating — that she didn’t want others in the government office to access?

Finally, my daughter asked me over and over about the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch — the supposed meeting by chance on the private plane. She quizzed me about this because she has grown up in a house/family hearing her mom, dad and step-dad repeatedly say to one another things like:

You know I can’t answer that. That would be a conflict of interest.” Or “Don’t ask me about my case you know I can’t discuss it with you.

My daughter actually asked me if it was illegal for President Bill Clinton to have a conversation with the Attorney General, aboard her private plane? She was like mom … there’s no way he just bumped into her. It’s not like they were both walking through the terminal of JFK. They were on the tarmac for private plane. Can you imagine the security that had to be there for the former president and the attorney general. That meeting had to be pre-arranged.

I hadn’t really considered it before she brought it up. Regardless of what occurred, it doesn’t pass what we’ve come to call in the legal community — “The Smell Test.”

So that investigation will always smell bad. Hillary will always reek of a foul odor from Comey’s comments. Clinton tries to cherry pick statements made by F.B.I. Director Comey in a self serving effort to preserve her untruthful and misleading narrative.

I just can’t get behind or support a candidate for the highest office in the land who manipulates the system this way.

I’m proud of my children for challenging her on these issues. Am I afraid of the frightening fallout you’ve outlined in your article? Hell yea!

But the only chance … the only hope I see for changing the system that has been proven corrupt is to revamp it with a political outsider who is not indebted to any lobbyist. Someone who doesn’t owe so many political favors his/her arm is always twisted behind their back during every decision they make.

Will I live to regret it if Trump win the election? Maybe! I don’t know. The only constant — the only known factor is this:

I will live to regret it if Hillary Clinton is elected.


The economy won’t get any better

I can’t expect the price of crude oil and gas to go up and that’s my family’s livelihood.

Eight more years of this kind of health care and I will be too broke to pay for my youngest to go to college

I’m too afraid the even consider what will happen with the Supreme Court

Far too much government intervention in the public school system and I’m certain I will be saving to help pay for my grandkids to attend private school

ISIS will grow into a force beyond anything we can contain, control, or eliminate

No chance in hell of small businesses making a comeback in America

My elderly mom won’t be able to afford her meds and the hospitals will only keep her one day when she’s ill or has an operation. Soon we’ll be doing drive through surgeries

I can expect her to be treated much like my dad when he was ill and her life expectancy will go down. In the days before Obama care when we had private insurance — we were treated so well by hospitals and medical professionals. They no longer seem to care about their jobs and in my area they have no problem voicing it. In fact when a person goes into the hospital for an overnight stay or longer they now ask:

“Who will be taking care of you while you are here in the hospital? Do you have family or a friend who will be staying overnight with you?”

I kid you not.

I heard the pathetic little old lady in the room next to my husband’s reply. She said.

Well, I thought that was what the nurses did.”

Ha ha. The joke was on her. I felt so sorry for her. Sadly, if you can’t afford to hire your own sitter or you don’t have family or friends willing to stay in the hospital room with you at night — you are now staying at your own peril as the hospitals are wholly understaffed and hire contract nurses to avoid paying insurance, overtime and the other fantastic benefits that were once associated with the health care profession. The health care profession — Pre Obama Care!

I checked in on the lady throughout the night. I brought her water, assisted her to the toilet and rang her nurse. I made two trips to the nurse's station when they failed to answer her call button after 20 minutes.

So that’s it for my ranting and raving.

I don’t want Hillary Clinton to become our next president. She’s not an honest or trustworthy person and at a minimum she is too careless and reckless to be placed in charged of the safety of our country.

So pardon me for sounding cliche …

If you want more of the same ole crap we’ve had from Obama — only worse because at least he’s free of the cloud of deception, perjury and a thirty plus year history of dishonesty and unethical choices — vote for Clinton

If you want change — your only other choice is to vote for Trump.

Will he make it happen? We can only hope.

With Clinton we know we are getting more of the same. With Trump at least there is hope for change.

Things can’t get worse. They have to get better and I’m praying he can turn this country around. I’m praying he will insulate himself with experienced, versed in foreign policy, stable, dedicated, media savvy cabinet members and staff and he will make real change. He can’t do any worse than what we know she will do.

And please feel free to disagree with me. That’s what our great country is based on:

Freedom of speech and freedom of choice. We should all feel free to speak our minds. But please don’t insult me or say nasty things to me simply because I don’t support the same candidate you support. That’s the same kind of bullying that so many people (IMHO) erroneously accuse Trump of. I can’t tell you how many nasty comments I’ve received because I’ve dared say I support Trump. What kind of country do we live in when we aren’t free to voice our political opinion? Why should friendships end over who someone supports as president?

I’ve heard it all from the left side:

I’ve heard how many people just can’t be friends with their former friends who support Trump. They call it a moral issue. They base it on him allegedly being a racist etc. I’ve yet to see concrete proof of racism, but that doesn’t make his supporters a racist anymore than it makes a Hillary Clinton supporter ethically and morally challenged. We don’t attribute the sins of Clinton to her supporters. If you support Hillary I don’t assume you are intolerant because she accepts money from countries who oppress and devalue women. I don’t challenge your moral compass because she lied under oath.

Please — all I ask is that we respect each other and each other’s right to have opinions and a voice. I’m proud to live in a country that allows us to vocalize that voice without fear of repercussion.

How many of you know someone who supports Donald Trump but is afraid to voice their opinion for fear of backlash from friends, family, work, or community? I bet you know someone.