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I value everyone’s decision to choose the candidate they will vote for. I’ve studied politics for most of my life and I can tell you that one of the main/biggest differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is that she is versed in politics and knows how to play the game. She knows how to say things to the American people and the public that they want to hear. That’s what politics is all about.

You are absolutely right about Trump not always saying the right thing or the “politically correct” thing. But I would rather have someone who speaks the truth (albeit unfiltered) than someone who must practice and rehearse their every comment. And her every comment is written by someone else. Her speeches and comments go through so many different committees and draft writers, and revisers and then they test it and poll it before it’s ever even spoken. That’s not someone speaking to your from deep inside of their heart or soul and it doesn’t even have to reflect what she truly feels, means or believes. It only has to pass the test of how well it will go over in the media, the public, the voters and the target market. That’s not authentic by any stretch of the word. Trump is authentic.

Will I be sorry I voted for him when he wins? Maybe? I hope not. But I already know what’s in store for me and this country if we get four or eight more years of Clinton. And believe it or not, she is ruthless. Have you read any of the books written by the people who worked closest to her, the secret service, for example. Hillary Clinton feels like she is entitled to be the next president. She feels like she has earned it and we owe it to her. The woman lacks joy. She claims to be a champion of women’s rights, but she personally tried to and in fact did destroy many women who made sexual assault claims against her husband. How is that fighting for the victims?

We don’t know if Trump will be a great president, but he has good business and negotiating skills. Hillary has already proven once how she will act when called upon in the middle of the night. She already got that phone call. Look what happened in Benghazi. And then she lied to the families of the dead, brave soldiers. She told so many different stories about what occurred in Benghazi. She has already jeopardized our national security with her private email server. The FBI director said the server was less secure than using Gmail.

And in answering the questions posed to her by the FBI, how many times did she answer, “I do not recall.”

That’s frightening.

As an attorney, we know (let me rephrase that) we strongly suspect that a witness or a criminal defendant is lying, misleading or being untruthful on the stand when they answer, “I do not recall.” It’s a cop out answer to avoid an outright lie which will lead to a perjury charge.

But why is it so frightening? Because, as a well educated, damned smart attorney, Hillary also knows this. So, there can be only two reasons for her to give that lame answer so many times.

1. They truthful answer would have led to her being indicted.

2. If she truly could not recall the answer to those basic questions then we have to … we have an obligation to challenge her mental and physical ability, health and stamina to run the country.

Hillary Clinton has flip flopped on more issues than any other candidate and you would know that if you went back and studied her position on major issues for the past 20 years. You won’t get it from the mainstream media because they don’t want change either. Too many lobbyist and special interest groups stand to get royally fuc — d if Trump wins because he won’t owe anything to anyone and he cannot be bought.

And lastly, your argument for voting for Hillary based on Michelle Obama’s opinion. Let me just suggest that you google you tube videos from 2008 and watch all the not so nice things Michelle had to say about Hillary Clinton then. She and Barack claimed she was too unlikable, and far too often changed her opinion on issues to suit her needs.

Barack Obama said it best.

Hillary Clinton, she will say anything and change nothing. It’s time to turn the page. — Barack Obama 2007

And Michelle Obama had a nice one herself.

Hillary Clinton can’t even take care of her own house and she thinks she can take care of the White House. — Michelle Obama 2008 ( referencing Bill Clinton’s Sex Scandals)

Don’t be fooled into thinking Hillary deserves your Christian vote. She will, as Barack Obama said, will say anything to get your vote, but if elected, mark my word, don’t expect any change.

I’m a republican who voted for Barack Obama and will vote for Donald Trump because I want to feel safe in my country, I want ISIS destroyed, I want the outrageous cost of health care to go down and I want something done with our pathetic educational system. Plus my family is in the oil business and we know Hillary will destroy that and bankrupt us.

But I respect everyone’s right to select their own candidate. I kindly ask for the same respect.