Then why haven’t you or Obama visited Louisiana to access the damage and visit with the victims?
Melissa Sugar- Gold

If it’s a distraction now for the president to visit that’s one thing. But, then why did Obama give Bush hell for his “Fly over,” visit during Katrina?

Obama chastised Bush for not being on the ground in Louisiana during Katrina. The problem is now — as it’s always been, there is a double standard for the democrats and they are not held accountable for the negative comments made about republicans. The mainstream media is as much to blame. If Obama is going to make derogatory remarks about Bush and his role as a president for not being on the ground during Katrina, he owes Bush the same respect and should apologize for the remarks he made about Bush for not being on the ground. I’m sure Bush was following the same direction and just trying to stay out of the way of the search and rescue teams. At least, Bush flew over and made a stop that didn’t distract. Obama only cut his vacation short and decided to head to La., after Trump visited La.

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