How to Fix Twitter’s Troll Problem for Women in Sports (& Beyond)
Julie DiCaro

I’m sorry for what you’ve had to endure. I’m not a sports figure, but I’ve certainly dealt with my share of online trolls. Actually I believe it’s one troll who sets up multiple accounts like you wrote about. Everything you’ve written is so spot on. They will lie in wait, dormant for weeks, months, then pop up. My troll doesn’t restrict his/her defamatory, horrific ridiculous comments or posts to just Twitter, he/she likes to find any blog that allows open comments and starts rambling about my parenting, lawyering and makes up the most obscene lies. It can be a food blog or a fashion blog, it makes no difference, if the blog owner allows anonymous comments … here comes my troll.. Years ago I spent a fortune getting the comments removed.

You have to wonder what kind of people spend their lives trolling others for the purpose of insulting them and making up stories about them. And the amount of time they must put into creating all the anonymous accounts and dummy accounts and sock puppet accounts. It truly must be tiring. I get tired just reading them, can’t imagine what time they have left over for any kind of an enjoyable life.

What makes someone fixate on another like this and why don’t they ever stop? Is it a mental illness? A personality disorder? Or are they just cruel people who enjoy hurting others? Are they so unhappy with their own lives that they find pleasure in trying to ruin someone else’s. I think they must read about someone in the paper or see an article and they just become obsessed. Or have we met this person in real life? It’s rather frightening and creepy. Is it the man who walks his dog in the park that I see every day? The weird chick from the carpool line? Someone who is jealous or envious or just someone who’s deranged? Or someone just sad and pathetic and so unhappy with their own life that they wish they had your life?

Do they live miles away and pose no real or imminent threat of harm? I often ask myself these questions. When I read the tweets of others being stalked or harassed I can’t help but wonder why Twitter doesn’t do something to stop it.

Thanks for the informative article and tips for blocking Twitter Trolls. Nasty trolls … who knew — the advent of the internet would allow them to crawl out from beneath their hole and invade our happy lives.

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