11 Things You Can’t Change, So Quit Wasting Your Time Trying
Larry Kim

Wow, you nailed it! You’re 11 Things You Can’t Change — truly resonated with me, some more than others. I don’t know why we haven’t all just accepted it and started living our lives in tune with it.

We damned sure can’t get yesterday back, yet so often we wallow in self pity or try and relive the day over and over in our head. Just move on. Learn from our mistakes and move on. Or if yesterday was a fabulous day, even though we can’t replicate it, we can try and improve upon it.

Holding a Grudge is Never Going to Have the Effect You’re Hoping For:

Nope! Holding a grudge just makes us tired. It doesn’t do anything to the person we hold the grudge against. Hell, half the time that person isn’t even aware we still hold the stupid, immature grudge. We waste time and energy on a grudge and the only person it ultimately hurts is us.

You Can Control What Someone Else Thinks (or does)

But, you can control how you react.

You’re Accountable to Someone: I really like this one.

Nothing is Ever Really Private Anymore:

The quicker we learn and accept this and start living our lives accordingly, the better.

You’re Not Going to Live Forever:

This one resonated with me the most. I supposed because I’ve recently lost many loved ones. Don’t waste precious time arguing over petty issues. Never wait until tomorrow to let someone know how much they mean to you. Never put off until a later date something you really want to do.

You don’t know how long you have on this earth.

Live and love so that if you die or a loved one dies, there are no regrets or unsaid words.

Fantastic article.

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