InfoSec — Top acquirers and top start-ups

EDIT: An updated version is available here.

In the previous blogposts, we had a look at the amount of registered investments in information security start-ups and companies, but also at who were the top investors into security start-ups.

In today’s episode of the InfoSec market data nerds, we will continue to inspect the Crunchbase data and this time we will have a look at the top acquirers and acquirees.

Also note that there is no charts regarding the size of acquisition because it is very rare for acquirers to disclose acquisition amount inferior to $100M USD. Those information in most of cases remain confidential and unknown from the public.

Top Acquirers

Top acquirers per country


Without any surprises the U.S. comes #1 when it comes to acquisition, in front of the UK by a factor 22 !


And if we break it down to states, we can see that the rivalry between the busticatis from West Coast and East Coast is justified.

Top acquirers per states.

Top acquirers


Who are the biggest acquirers in the World when it comes to security companies ? We often hear names but with no real data validation — well, there is no more room for speculation, here is the chart you wanted to see:

Cisco is undoubtedly the #1 acquirer in the information security market.

Top start-ups

Founding country of acquired start-ups


Again without any surprises the U.S. and California comes #1 in founding place for information security start-ups.

While the UK and Israel are very tight in the scoreboard.


There are twice more exits from security start-ups in Massachusetts than in New York, without mentioning Virginia and Maryland that are known the host the headquarters of several intelligence agencies.

Top start-ups per states.